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Staff Feedback

It gives me immense pleasure to script this testimonial for an abode which nurtured, enlightened and taught me the essence of life and work. As the head of the school I feel proud that I had learnt the core objectives of education under one roof called Balsam Academy.

I began my journey as a head but never felt heading a team rather experienced a greater opportunity of inclusive learning and cohesive working. I am indebted to the management of this resourceful institution for entrusting confidence in me and making me head it with ease.

I owe my success to all the stakeholders of this lovable institution especially the children who had believed in my care and guidance, the parents who had reposed faith in me all these years and my dedicated teachers without whom I wouldn't have reached what I am today. From a learning centre to the most envied school of this region, I am fortunate that I had been a small part of this great transformation.

While rejoicing the successful moments, cherishing the memorable occasions and remembering the challenging junctures the greatest sense I had experienced is the integrity of the team called Balsam which was the real engine propelling the spirits of all those who are associated with this environment.

I wish that this wonderful school reach greater heights in the coming years and create lot of productive and responsible citizens for this country and good human beings for this entire world. I wish I continue to learn from this institution irrespective of discontinued association. Thank you all!

Mrs. Chitra Madhavan
Former Principal

I am stepping in to tenth year in the journey of Balsam Academy. Yes, nine great years. I was just a teacher when I joined, now….I am proud to say that I am a good planner, organizer, story narrator, enactor, phonic trainer, learning lab trainer and so on. I have made a great transition. Here in Balsam we were given opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. Proud to be a Balsamite.

Ms. Nalini Shoba
Learning Lab

I still remember the first day I walked into the premises of Balsam Academy, looking at all the transport shed with all the buses named after satellites and lush greenery. That is the moment I felt the innovation buried in the theme of our school. My school has not only given me opportunities to alter and streamline the minds of the future generation, but also to tune myself into becoming a better human being. Balsam Academy focuses more on shaping the younger minds to become responsible citizens with humanity. I feel proud to be a part of such organization which gave me endless ways to dive into the field of teaching. Thank you for the inspiration and confidence.

Ms. Priyanga

Balsam Academy strives to increase students' achievements. The organization requires commitment, dedication and an open mind towards challenges. Teachers as well as student push themselves both mentally and emotionally.

A lot is expected of a teacher but this also coincides beautifully with the support from administration and other teachers. I always felt safe to talk about areas of growth and truly believe that my principal, mentors and other colleagues in administration roles care for me and want to see me grow as a teacher. I feel honored to work with such professional and positive people. I feel right at home amongst the staff at Balsam family.

Ms. Komal Grover

எங்கும் புதுமை! எதிலும் புதுமை!
பூங்காவில் நாளும் மலரும் , புதுமலர்கள்!
பல்வகைத் திறன்களுடன் ஆசிரியர்கள்,
தங்கள் மாணவர்களின் பல்நோக்குத்திறன்களையும் மிகசிறப்பாக வெளிப்படுத்துகின்றனர்.
வாய்ப்புகளை தவிரவிடாமல் மகிழ்வோடு செயல்படும்மனவர்ச் செல்வங்கள்,
பசுமையுடன் இனைந்து இயற்கை சூழலில் குதூகலிக்கும் குழந்தைகள்.
இவர்களை கனிவோடு கவனித்துக் கொள்வதில் அனைவரின் பங்கும் உண்டு.
என்றும் நேசத்துடனும், நட்புடனும்,
சிறந்த குழு ஒற்றுமையுடனும் இனைந்து மலர்ந்தது எங்கள் பால்சம் பள்ளி.

திருமதிசி. ஜெயசுதா

My joy knew no bounds when I was asked to construct a testimonial for Balsam Academy where I had spent my exciting days, years and ages in my lifetime. If I am what today, it is because of this wonderful platform which crafted every aspect of mine.

I never used to forget my student days during my schooling but my memories as a learner in Balsam Academy has surpassed those emotions. Every moment was an invaluable experience blended with values which taught us more than what we teach to the students.

Every human emotional encounter were really touching our lives. The unconditional love and affection of the students was startling. The way the students and the parents trusted us and shared their concerns really reflects the reliability and trustworthiness of this wonderful institution. Everyone grew under a common umbrella of understanding and belief.

I am happy and thankful for the opportunities provided by the institution in exhibiting my potentials in most of the major aspects of the school from its inception and the transformation it underwent thereafter. I wish I could carry all these moments with me for the rest of my journey to cherish and rejoice forever.

Mr. C.P. Madhavan

I take this opportunity to say a huge 'thank you' for my great experience over here for the past 4 years. This experience has allowed me to tone my teaching skills and learn new things from the peers I work with. I enjoy being with the students as well as learning from them. I believe every day at Balsam Academy provides a new opportunity to learn and grow.

Ms. Devi Natrajan

The school has a very good campus. This is my first school, as a trainer. The management understands my strength and gave me an opportunity to work in this school. I have seen a lot of changes happening in the school, over the last 2 years. I believe we are taking physical education to the next level.

Mr. Dharsan M
Physical Education

I always felt supported and enjoyed being a part of this school. I got full freedom to exhibit my talents and got recognition for my works. This organization shows respects to each employee in a unique way. Appreciation for individual work is given in the organization.

Ms. Geetha